The Path of Triptychon

This is a project initiated for the purpose of having people experience what we refer to as the “Dream Realm”. The “Dream Realm” is encountered as a world, much like our own and yet alien, it would not be wrong to refer to it as parallel. In the “Dream Realm” one can reach knowledge from our world or gain a handle on it’s features both strange and mundane.

  • What do we define as a “realm”?

As we define and understand; each so-called „realm” is distinct by visible, noticeable or undetectable features. The differences between realms exist across dimensions such as Time/Space and information(the contents of the dimensions); the only visible differences between some realms and our own can even be the time dimension, in realms such as those it is therefore possible to experience the past or future. It is neither impossible or unheard of for a realm to possess entirely different properties and dimensions compared to what we are familiar with. Our focus is on a realm of the same dimensions but which holds some alien information and properties.

  • What do we define as travelling to another realm?

We define travelling to another realm as the process by which a person accesses one or more dimensions of another realm. Due to various physical limitations, physically accessing other realms’ spacial dimensions (if they have any) is considered impossible. Spacial dimensions may safely be accessed through our realm solely by our consciousness.

  • The texts we will be using are derived from a book whose author will not be held accountable for whatever is done with its knowledge.
  • It would be foolish to attribute the origin of this knowledge to a single source but we’ll leave a short story which has been passed down on some of the staff members of the project from their elders.

“A long time ago a young man aspiring to learn the secret arts went looking for the sages who had mastered various different aspects of the metaphysical.

One day he was informed of a promising village of practitioners of an art which not only claimed to separate the soul and spirit from the body of man but also allowed them to travel and experience worlds beyond our own. The village was located in the far north and so the man without hesitation made arrangements and assembled a team of four more cult enthusiasts, gathered supplies and set out to reach for the village.

After a long trip, the men begun to distinguish a few houses between the thick pine forest. Upon their arrival they were neither greeted nor welcomed. The village was deserted though it still seemed alive. The fireplaces were freshly lit, bread had been left on the tables of the houses, the animals were inside the barn and there were many valuables left behind.

The men were disappointed but they were still determined to learn of the village’s practices. The sun had begun to settle and they had found nothing but a few crudely written texts. The texts did not meet the men’s expectations and so they began to feast on the village’s food and drinks.

Once they had almost turn blind from the drunkenness, they decided to practice the village’s art from the few texts they had collected in a ridiculing manner. Before they realized it, two of them were already gone. When the sun rose the next morning, only one of them and a corpse remained. The sole survivor was the one who had originally planned the expedition. He had managed to travel to another world and make it back. Though he did not remember the details, he kept all the essential knowledge to repeat his experience and burnt the rest the village’s texts.”

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